Gift cards & Vouchers

Grant your loved ones with access to 100% authentic Danish hygge. 
… It’s like a spoonfull of Rødgrød med fløde ♥️ 

Surprise your partner, colleague, family member, or close friend with our range of gift vouchers, perfect for any occasion.

From the tantalizing ‘Perfect Start’ with two starters of your choice, to “Wine O’clock” with a curated wine menu for two. You can also dive into the heart of KöD London’s culinary essence with the “Signature Move” where we have done the work for you and assembled a wonderful 3-course menu. Celebrate Sundays with our ‘Sunday Roast’ voucher, offering a traditional feast for 2 or 4.

Our gift vouchers, ranging from £16 to £135, are designed to cater to diverse tastes and budgets, ensuring a memorable dining experience at KöD London.

Alternatively, we offer the gift of choice with a voucher for any amount, allowing your loved ones to explore our offerings at their leisure.

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